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Navneet Khanna

Nidhi Your Lagan is Cancer, which is ruled by Moon. Your Rashi is Virgo and your Birth Nakshatra is Chitra. Your Gana is Rakshasa.

Cancer natives are are intelligent, active, beautiful and they have a young looking and charming face. Cancer being an watery sign , you will be adjustable person. Having Rakshasa Gana will make you hot tempered. Something which is not good in you. Although you rarely believe in ill of others but you have less patience and get irritated easily.

As moon ruled emotions, you are very emotional person. Something which is not good about you. You can be easily motivated by others if they touch your emotionally. Also as your lagan lord Moon is in the 3rd house , you do not stick with one plan and you change easily. That is never good about you as you need to complete 1 thing before you start another. You shift to second thing before you complete the first one. Moon conjoined with Jupiter which is a satvik planet will never give you success in politics. You can do social work and never politics.


Navneet Khanna

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