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Navneet Khanna

No listen why you feel that you are passing through a Bad period. You have been wanting to do MBA for so many years and you finally getting an opportunity to fulfill your drems. In what terms is this period bad. Are you uneasy because you are away from home. Well these are testing times for you. There are times where you will learn to take decisions for yourself all independently. Your room mates could be different in their likes and dislikes, but so many people you will meet now in your life will be. Learn to handle them. Learn to take decisions for yourself, only then you will be able to take corporate decisions. What good is doing MBA when you cannot take decisions for yourself or cannot handle or get upset because of few people. How you think you will be able to take decisions of high responsibilities at corporate level. Trust me what you learn now will help you in your life in the future both professionally and personally. So enjoy yourself, be in your limits , don’t follow others blindly, but enjoy every moment of your life.


Navneet Khanna

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