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As i see her horoscope, the 7th lord is in the 7th house. This means that she has a dignified simplicity. She will marry a man with good family, educational or social traits. She will do well in her profession & will be to a large extent be responsible for her husband’s progress in life.
But as saturn is in 7th house, therefore there may be a probability of delay in her marriage & as per her horoscope there may be a break up of a serious relationship. So,it’s better if she marries late as then she would find a man worthy of her and will be considerate to her wishes and dreams. Her married life will be a happy one if both the partners work towards to make their union a happy one.

After matching your both respective kundlis,its shown 12/36.
We consider other things also while match making but the grah maitri comes out to be 1/5 which is never considered good. So, i would not recommend for this match.

May god bless you both

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