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The planetary dispositions in your horoscope is :

Planet Good % Bad% Nature

Sun 80.15 9.17 Benefic
Moon 33.35 56.98 Malefic
Mars 6.63 87.22 Malefic
Mercury 46.17 51.10 Malefic
Jupiter 29.18 45.33 Malefic
Venus 68.53 26.95 Benefic
Saturn 85.02 9.57 Benefic
Rahu 68.53 26.95 Benefic
Kethu 6.63 87.22 Malefic

A strong Venus, Sun and Saturn and Rahu indicate a strong possibility to your being in a career which gives others happiness or entertainment and Film word and Media are suitable for this purpose.

And the strength of your houses also indicate likewise.

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