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K.Umamaheswara Rao
K.Umamaheswara rao

Hello sir,
Holistic healing (explained 2)method

Holistic healing or drugless healing from

Holistic healing means the treatment method followed
by holy people in olden days.It is also called
yoga food therapy.
This method cures all diseases,except some difficult
The food items mentioned herein will cause more
disease,if a person with diseae takes them.
You think that milk products and nonveg
gives good strength and can
be taken. They give strength to the disease.
So,sick people should shoud such foods.
This method is like vegan method ,practised in Usa.
A person with disease should fast for one
or two days in a
week. As people nowadays have no time,i am suggesting
this method..This is semi-fasting.Placing restrictions
on your food will give spiritual strength,improve body’s cleaning ability
and lessen the impact of sins.
If a sick person takes protein rich diet,
his life energy will be wasted in digesting them.. If
you avoid the food items which are mentioned below,
your life energies will be conserved to eliminate the
disease from body,as digestion will not take much

1.Daily take 200gms of uncooked cucumber(without outer layer) or 300gms of
black grapes(seeded grapes) with outer layer . Outer layer works
as fibre material which is good for bowel movement.
Daily take 10gms of ginger and 20gms bittergourd.
Take daily 3 betel leaves or 6palak leaves
uncooked.They supply you sun’s energy in the form of
chlorophyll.Green leafy vegetables contain many minerals
,vitamins and soluble proteins..Nonveg contains
unsoluble proteins..In olden days, different types of
green leaf juices are taken to cure any disease.
When betel leaves are taken, ulcers will be formed on
tongue for three or four days..dont get afraid and
dont take any medicines to cure those ulcers.You can
increase number of betel leaves(6) after 5 days.

2.Avoid taking milk,curd,butter milk,
coffee,tea,sweets,sweet fruits,ghee,icecreams,nonveg
,fish,eggs,nuts like cashewnut,almonds,pistha for
20days..If the disease is serious,the patient should
avoid dhals like bengalgram and blackgram also. After
one month,the above items should be avoided
for 3days in every week.Sweet fruits to be avoided
are mango,sapota,papaya..Black grapes(seeded) and oranges
can be taken ..

3.Avoid salt in the nights in curries. You take pepper
powder as curry without adding salt to it.You can add
a little bit of oil in it ,to mix it with rice or take
along with chapathi.
4. The following food items can be taken by any patient–rice with
curries, puliyodara,pongal,poori,chapathi,rava dosa(not sada dosa),rice
brokens upama, wheat brokens upama,wheat atta dosa,jonna (jowar) dosa,
ragi java.
5.Daily take coldwater head bath for 5 min..Upanishads say ‘apo vye beshajam’.Water alone is treatment..Drinking cold water is not sufficient.Coldwater contains magnetism..It is highly beneficial in winter season,as water is very cold .People in North India or in western countries
can avoid it in winter, as winter is very severe there.
People can undertake tub bath for 15 min daily.. you have to pour cold water in the tub and sit in it with buttocks inside tub and water upto navel level.. Feet should be kept in hot water in a small plate.. It should be done on empty stomach..
In rainy season, a person can stand in rain for5 or 10 min to clean the body from diseases.
50 years ago, people stand in a river or tank upto navel level ,for 10 min to get spiritual powers.They were calling it Hanuman deeksha or Narasimhaswamy Deeksha..Person will get very hungry after coming out of river or tank.. So They should be very careful not to take milk products ,sweets and protein rich diet.They were chanting some mantra
when they stand in river or tank.Such a method will arouse kundaline and
muladhara chakra..
I saw people at water falls standing under water falls for 10 min and come out of it.. They feel terrible hunger..It will activate chakras in spine and awaken kundalini.They eat 15 idlis or 10 dosas..
They go to waterfalls to cure their diseases.. But by taking such heavy food after coming out of water falls, does not cure their diseases.. Their trip is a waste.
If both hot and cold water is available in bath room, the individual should undertake cold water head bath for 5 or 10 min…Then he should wash his stomach and legs with hot water for 5 min..While washing his stomach and legs with hot water, he should now and then pour some cold water on head..
6..Meditation..Siva performed meditation under water falls.. Ganga is not his second wife..You can do meditation in bathroom for 10min under shower….If there is no shower, sit in bathroom and pour cold water on your head once in three min with mug…it will have same should massage your body with wet cloth for 10 min before starting meditation in bath room.
In Patanjali yoga sastra , dhyana is seventh step.. Yama , Niyama, asana and pranayama are the first , second,third and fourth steps..
Niyama means saucha(cleanliness) and tapas.. A person who wants to practise dhyana should clean his body first for one or two months(by taking daily 500 gms of uncooked vegetables) , before beginning dhyana.
7..Meditation with cold wet cloth on head:–In places where water is unbearably cold( in north india and western countries),there you can rinse a cotton cloth in water and squeeze out water from the cloth and place the wet cloth on your head and meditate in any place for 15 min….Cold wet cloth (on head) meditation will have good effect..In south india , devotees are permitted into temples only with wet cloth around waist..Puja should be performed only with cold wet cloth around waist.
8.. Types of tapas:-
Tapas is penance undertaken by a sadhak to transform his soul as higher soul..It is a type of austerity or suffering undertaken to please all Gods in cosmos..Tapa means heat..Such tapa will clean all sins and fulfils all desires.. In ancient times, not only saints , but kings and other high placed persons undergone these rigours and severe disciplines to become great people.It is intended not only to gain spiritually , but also to gain power and wealth .
1. chandrayana vrata–Suppose you can take 40 morsels of food to have a satisfactory meal, then you have to begin this tapas on full moon day.. On full moon day, you have to take 40morsels of rice only once on that day.. you should go on reducing 1/15 th part every next day..On padyami(next day of purnima), you should take only 37.5 morsels of food.
…On the second day from purnima(full moon),you should take only 35 morsels of food… So you should gradually reduce daily 1/15 th part daily..On amavasya(no moon) day, you should not take any food…On new moon day, you have to take only 2.5 morsels during the entire day.. On vidiya (2nd day from new moon), you should take 5 morsels of food.. you should gradually go on increasing daily 1/15 th part … On fullmoon day, you can again take 40 morsels…
For north indians:- If you can take daily 20 chapathis to have a satisfactory meal, you should start on full moon day by taking 20 chapathis a day,only once…. On the second day, you should take 18.5 chapathis..On the third day, you have to take 17.25 chapathis at a time only on that day.. so you continue like that by reducing quantum daily..
b. Pachagni hotra vratam—-In summer, you should keep 4 homams on 4 sides at noon for one hour .The fifth agni is sun on head… Gradually , you have to increase the time…Adi sankara started his book soundarya lahari by giving pranams to such people who are doing chandrayan vrata and panchagnihotra vrata.. Vrata means a type of discipline or tapas.
3. Sitting in rain for 10 min while meditating..You have to increase it daily by 5 min , whenever there is rain( preferably rainy season).Saints like that for 3 or 4 hours.. Ordinary people can do for 10 or 20 min only.
Ordinary people will get fever and cold .Dont take medicines.
4. Lying down on a mat for 10 min in sunlight… While doing so , you have to cover your head with an umbrella… or you can keep your head in a shade…Weak people should not do it… daily for 20 min is sufficient..
5. In winter, you have to sit on a chair or a mat for 15 min in a place where there is no roof… It should be after 9pm.. You should sit only with a cloth around private parts and without a shirt or bannian… Swami Dayananda saraswati(arya samaj) used to sit on ganga banks with underwear only for 4 or 5 hours in nights in winter..It is said that he used to cry as he was not able to bear the cold in winter without clothes..It is also said, that he applied mud at times as he was unable to withstand cold..
6.Atma pradakshin(turning round and round around yourself)–It is more powerful than going around any deity…you have to make 20 rounds in clockwise direction and 20 rounds in anticlock wise direction…You have to such rounds 20+20, daily 3 times.. You increase the quantity to 30 after 3 days… In that matter increase the rounds to 50 +50 ( 3 times a day).If you have not understood, you ask in any temple , they will tell you.
In the beginning, you will get a reeling sensation in your brain..
7.Rolling Namaskars on floor—You have to lie down on floor and you should roll your entire body on ground… it gives the effect of massaging your body with floor..start it with daily 15 rolling namaskars , daily 2 times..
Gradually increase them by 10 rolling namaskars a day and reach upto 40 rolling namaskars ( 40 in morning and 40 in evening).In Telugu , it is called Porlu dannamulu..You can see such rolling namaskarams being undertaken in famous temples,when their desires are fulfilled.It is called Anga pradakshinam(in sanskrit)
8.Taking only uncooked vegetables… it is undertaken by people who are determined to do top class penance.
9.Taking only uncooked green leafy vegetables like palak, pudina,betel leaves etc…In sahasra nama (thousand names) of Parvathi, she is called Aparna… She might have done tapas without eating even green leaves… In olden times, it may be very common to do penance by eating only green leaves like the above..Tibetan Yogi Milarepa ate only green leaves as no other food was available in hill where he went.. He became green after 3months..When he returned to nearby village after 3 or 4 months, people mistook him as green man.
10.Sitting under cold water shower in bath room—start with 10 min.. Daily increase it by 3 min… you can do upto half an hour.. But you get very hungry… If you cant have food control ,no use of doing this penance..
11.Standing in a river or tank upto navel level–daily 10 min..increase it daily by 2 min.. Upto 20 min sufficient… this will produce stupendous hunger… It is very difficult to control hunger..
This is highest form of tapas..Many saints undertook it..50 years back, some people were following Hanuman deeksha, Murugan deeksha, Narasimha swamy deeksha,Siva deeksha with this method.
12..Fasting —You should not undertake directly fasting without any food… You should practise it by taking uncooked vegetables , during fasting… You have to fast only for one day in a week with uncooked vegetables… After 2months, you can fast for one day in a week,without uncooked vegetables …Breaking a fast is an art..You should always break fast by taking uncooked vegetables…Dont go for fast for more than 2 days , without guidance of an expert or go to any Ashram..You study books so that you will have complete idea.. many books are available in market.
13.Veganism philosophy—Avoiding all animal products like milk,curd, curd water, ghee, coffee,tea, etc for months together..Vegetarianism is different from veganism.. In vegetarianism, you can take milk products,but not in veganism.Dr.Shelton of U.s.a. cured many patients in his sanatorium by following this method.. He died in2000.. His books are available in Gandhi Nature cure ashram, Uruli kanchan, Pune dist..
14.Avoiding salt completely for one month..In this you can take cooked food also, but all items without salt..The salt that is present in vegetables is sufficient..Some people cant continue this as their body becomes weak without salt.. they should go to any ashram, practise there,under guidance.
15.. Silence… you have to be silent( should not spean with any person) for one day in a week.. Mahatma Gandhi practised it..
16. Daily practising asanas or pranayama for one and half hour is also penance..