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Hi leena

pls give ue email id or facebook id or add me as freind on facebook ( ) as this is not proper form for detailed discussin.

Venus mars is not good as venus is afflicted by 3/8 th lord, prayers to lord Hanuman will help.Do it on Saturdays immediately
Married life will be good as Saturn rules 7th house and its can give marriage for ur lagan as its own star, married life will be stable as is nature of Saturn,
Venus can give nice person as life venus in mercury star..and mercury in 6, give some quarrekls and disputes but will be in control.
7th lord being aspected by Saturn can give person who is but matured in looks. A workhokolic
Jupiter 7th lord is in moon star who is labha house 7th lord of marriage has retained its character. Upa lord is venus is exalted…and in star of mercury the lagna lord.
Saturn rules 7th cusp. And mercury is sub lord.
Jupiter is debilitated but aspected by Saturn so debilitation is cancelled.
Current dasa Jupiter mercury till apri 2017 , good chance to happen during Dec , 2016, There after ketu in star of Jupiter and tula raasi so ketu dasa too can give marriage till 2017 year end and 2018 too is good as venus.. is 7th house and its great planet for your lagan.
Mercury and Jupiter periods though have capacity to give marriage they are not giving good result due to weakness. As degree wise they are not able to give resut…Saturn is good and it can delay but give better result


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