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Hello dhansree

Jan 2017 till oct 2017 is guru period who is lord of 3 and 12 of changes in residence or unfamiliar places which includes even Job
Jupiter in venus star who is 10th lord and 5th lord of job change. Jupiter is enemy to ur lagan but ruling good houses so Jupiter will not cause much harm.

Job change around april may 2017
Change of residence around feb march 2017
Jupiter mars and rahu in house 8. Where Jupiter and mars are in friendly house.even tough 8 is very bad house. Jupiter in rahu star, your thinking might be unconventional .prayers to rahu planet will help reduce negative effects of rahu.
8th lord sun is in 11 or profit house and freindy raasi so may be you have some help from your the form of some inheritance. And Saturn too aspect sun so you work very hard.
You are currently in sun dasa( Till 2020) and rahu antara- this period see lot of difficukties and changes transformations , sun which is an enemy to your lagna but due to star change with Saturn…sun Saturn will not cause harm to sun. sun is strong . and in house of profit.Sun gives self confidance


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