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Thanks a lot for detailed analysis satish sir..

About sharing and talking.. I share my feelings very much.. I open up with people quickly.. I can talk about everything very easily. So that point didn’t relate to my personality as I am a very expressive person.

Yes I tend to believe in people quickly.. that’s why I have been cheated.. But now I think properly and practically too, but I still tend to believe. But after sometime I come to realize the truth. So that relates.

I need to become adjusting.. that is true too.

And yes I do worry a lot. Take unnecessary tensions and that creates problem too. That is also true.. I wear a chandra, but doesn’t seem to be helping much.

As you had mentioned about matching charts and being careful, I want to share birth details of a guy who I am not sure about and talks have stopped right now as I am not sure.

DOB: 22nd December, 1987
TOB: 05:05 AM
POB: Junagadh, Gujarat

Do we have chances of getting married?

Will be really grateful if you can give your analysis in this too satish sir. Thanks

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