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Hi akash

i read ur chart and have the following observations on marriage , life partner and Overseas travel

Lagna lord moon is in sun star that’s positive thing about your chart.But sun is weak due to raasi thula but weakness is cancleld due to venus presence.Physicall y you may not very strong personality .genrally cancer ascendants are emotional and sensitive by nature
You must very compassionate guys.. due to Jupiter in lagan and you may have interest in teaching.
Due to sun weakness in raasi and navamsa you are advised to do suryanamskar or offer prayer to Lord sun or do abhikesham on Shiva ling.
You are currently in rahu mahada and Saturn atara till march 2018. Since Saturn is an enemy to your lagna .and placed in house 6, and being in sun star which is debilitated , this period will be bit difficult.
You are undergoing period of 7th house so can expect marriage. During 2017 Specially during period jan arpil 2017 and further till march 2018
But due to rahu presence in 7th house though it gets strength you are advised to be careful while choosing life partner. Rahu is placed in sun star which 2nd lord also stands for family expansion

Normally rahu gives very sudden unexpected decision so you need to expersie caution.
Lord mars is yor career planet.and its opp mercury whuch is 3rd and 12 lord representing working abroad.
As Jupiter 6 lord of service and 9 lord of long distance travel is placed in lagna raasi cancer which watery overseas.
In dasamsa too Jupiter in lagna aspects meena raasi a watery sign representing foregn travel.saturn chief planet for work is also aspecting both 3 and 8 lord mars…watery raasi and movable raasi mesha planet…
Is good chance of working abroad.during mercury period starting 2018,

Life partner is reperented by Saturn…and its in sun star meaning dignified ,confidant persons.rahu too in sun star…rahu may mean you have desire to marry outsde ur caste or some one open mineded and having unconventional ideas about life. And the person will be active person .


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