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Reply To: Future of my marriage relationship

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Navneet Khanna

Your ascendant is Scorpio, and Scorpio people have two things very significant. One is that they are very sensitive and emotional and second is that it is not easy for others to understand Scorpio as they are very secretive. They tend to hide their feelings without other person knowing about it.

If your husband is working extra and is ambitious, you should understand that he is doing this for his family which is you and your children. You say that your husband is a nice person and their is this emotional side which is missing. It is probably because you have not opened yourself to him. It is not that he does not understand you, it may be that you have been like a closed book for him.

Therefore communication is very important between couple and that goes for you as well.

I suggest that you do things that add romance and love in your life. If you open up , im sure he will do the same and it will strengthen your relationship.


Navneet Khanna

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