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Navneet Khanna

Dear Akhil,

You are running the period of Venus and antardasah of Moon. This period till March 2018 is not good. You also have been in the period of Shani Sadesatti. Shani Sade satti is the transit of Saturn transit over Natal Moon. This is generally a not good period for health. I suggest that you do not ignore a doctors advice. It will surely help you. If you want you can show to couple of doctors who would do necessary checkups and give you proper medicines. Taking second opinions on such matters is not a bad thing.

You should do the following remedies.

1. Wear Opel / White Sapphire on your right hand middle finger

2. Wear Pearl in Silver on your right hand ring finger

3. Every Saturdays give something from your hands for Saturn like Mustard Oil , Coins etc

4. Read Hanuman Chalisa Daily

Im sure by doing the above remedies you will see major improvement in your health.


Navneet Khanna

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