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Hi Shree

after going thru ur chart ..i have te following to say.

current mada dasa is saturn till 2029 and within tht its ketu antardasa till june 2016…

and its your 2nd phase of 7 and half year sani period.( But starting from jan 2017 theree will be begening to positive changes profession wise)
usually satun ketu gives lot of work related tensions.
but as saturn is freindly planet.

but you saturn in sun star..and sun in mercury star…and both saturn and sun are enemies/…so ur hardwork and being Humble will bring you benefits in job

From novemer 2016 till june 2017
there will be some changes in ur profession life…
more positive results particulary Feb 2017 till june 2017

once saturn moves to dhanu raasi , the 3rd house from both ur lagan n moon you will experince positive changes through ur own efforts in ur profession

as saturn is in sun star, there will be difficulties but as its 11 lord after performing remedies to saturn chanting hanuman chalisa on sundays ) you will expereince positive results….

its advisablethat you do remedies on sundays for 4 weeks and then observe the results.
these will be satisfaction for you.

its 4th lord and placed in 4th house..and also freindly planet to your it will do gud but after lots of hardwork due to the inherent nature of saturn .

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