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Reply To: Regarding Martial Harmony

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Navneet Khanna

As I see form your horoscopes that the Guna milan is weak , it is 15 out of 36. You need 18 which is minimum required for happy marital life. There is Nadi dosha and the Gana score is also weak. Basically Gana is related to temperament of the couple. It means that you both will have high temperament and will try to dominate each other. The boy belongs to Rakshasa Gana , means that the native will have ego problems and will put self interest before anything else.

Your horoscope is not strong on the marriage front. Venus the 7th lord is exalted in the 5th house and conjoined with Mars which is the 6th lord.

Remedies for Venus should be done.


Navneet Khanna