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hello srinidhi

i think time of birth written in your first post was 5 25 am .i have now corrected the same.

4th lord sun in venus star placed in 11 th house and aspected by Jupiter…..that can give commerce education too as Jupiter , is finance planet and its lord Saturn too in 2 n house of finances. 4th lord sun with mercury 2nd lord commerce is more suitable ..further Jupiter aspects mercury which is retrograde .karma karaka Saturn also aspects lagna cum 6th lord venus from commerce is more suitable than music as career.
9th lord saturn is placed in 2nh house in Gemini.and Saturn in mars star who is exalted…Saturn mars also gives good career after lot of hardwork
Rahu and moon in lagna gives unconventional person with different likes and dislikes and she wants to become famous too.
But career wise commerce is more suitable than music ( she can keep music as hobby only )
In d 10 career charts, 10th lord Saturn in placed with venus in house of mercury so finance is more suitable . Jupiter aspects 10th house of career from house 4.mercury in 7th aspects lagna ….merucry planet of commerce , frm scpopio deep sign ..she likes investigations too…she can also do teaching job.
CA or ICWA also suitable
So finance is more suitable
In navamsa Jupiter is with mercury more suitabkle for commerce education

Very active( fond of travelling ) , sun and mars asp stubborn, moon and rahu pleasure loving and fond of entertainments ( Tv , friends etc), Jupiter in , is one strong point, sun in 12 th to lagna..and venus in 11 are good points( venus in 11 usually makes her famous in friends circle .rahu and moon in lagna nd house will give all comforts in life…Jupiter can give her legal education too as 3 is also communication and jupiter is also law .

. As Jupiter is in 3 and also 8th cum 11 lord ..she will have commercel / legal education provided she works hard …

She is currently in rahu dasa, till 2025 and in 2017 dasa period will change for better she should be focusing on studies very seriously.
Negatives, rahu and moon, Jupiter in Saturn star, and Saturn in 12 to Jupiter, sun in venus star, confusion in taking decisions, moon in mars star….anger, Saturn in mars star, ketu in saturn star.
Saturn in 3r house does not encourage her to take decisions and initiatives
Saturn in mars star, can give some positive results career wise after great hard work

Taking finnaceas career will give her money after lord of hard work due to Saturn in house 2 of money and in star of mars placed in house 9, lord of 10 .

Rahu and moon as rahu is exalted and so is moon..such combinations makes her highly ambitious.and long for things or friends she likes..( like in school)

Its desirable to perform .Durga mata puja on Tudesday. And she should be present during the puja. Till end of rahu – sub period dec 27th , 2016