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Reply To: When will my love life come on track?

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Your horoscope is rather weak with only 34.64% net strength which is below the pass mark. Neither your 7th house is strong enough with a strength of just 36.31%. So not much can be expected from the marital life. Your career house also is weak with a strength of 38.68%. So you will most of the time doing only lowly jobs in IT like data entry, documentation etc. No strong programming or logical skills are there in the horoscope.

For a full analysis, come through paid services or send me an email. You may read my blog for further insight into Astrology.

If you get a good horoscope match with a boy, you could have a just average marital life.

Sorry that the reply is not very encouraging, but let us face facts as it is. This is written on the assumption that your time of birth is accurate. If not, all these could prove wrong.

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