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hello Mr Vishvak Srinivsan
on your son chart.with dec 9th , 1998 dob,
Cancer lagna perhaps makes him moody and restless , debilitated Saturn will he helped by mars , which is good for career but Rahu and moon( makes him overambitious but some what distracts him from studies ) and . And also his friends circle.
Moon in ketu star gives mathematical skills.
Sun the 2lord in 5th house along with mercury, can also give rise to friends partying and all. So he should be wise in spending money.during sun dasa he can even do well in studies and even brush up his communications skills .and restrict travel. 5th house also is sign of training and getting new skills and doing some sort of tutoring to fellow students.
Currently in sukra dasa though sukra is good planet for his lagan and but is placed in enemy raasi and in house 6. And in ketu star….since ketu is in 8 with Guru….if we can appease ketu by worshipping lord ganesh it can give further good result. Ketu in 8 with Guru can give research oriented skills, bein sani raasi. And airy sign and intellectual one ….
Jupiter has good strength in transit till aug 2016, exept during the time it will go retrograde and aspected by Saturn from dhanus in 2017… during this time he needs to be very careful as to not to loose sight of studies.Jupiter is in Jupiter star…and aspecting moon , that’s good point and being in bad house and raasi in natal and navamsa needs to be strengthed.

Sun in natal 2 house and in star of mercury so he needs to be careful with friends. Mercury beiung retrograde gives intuitive skills too. During sun dasa he needs to out lot of extra efforts …as sun is an enemy to sukra..
Yes chart does promise higher studies abroad…as ketu in airy sign along with 9 lord Jupiter.4th lord venus is also aspecting 12 th house…sun the lord of 9th house in navamsa too is aspecting own house from 3rd house of self initiatives in Navamsa ….which indicates really hard work to achieve goal of foreign education. 4 lord Jupiter is surrounded by venus and Saturn…so he needs to really put efforts to achieve success in competitive exams.