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Reply To: Navneet Ji for my internship



Yes sir from few days I’m in a single room, I shared my faith and ideology towards God my roommate said she is scared of me coz of my faith towards God! So now she is staying in the living room..
2 days back we had an argument, a good one!! and one of the flatmate plotted bad things about me. I cleared my points they found I’m right but still they all are together inspite of the fact she is bad! Sir maybe the world has changed their is no place for good pure hearted ppl.. sir now to irritate me they all laugh and enjoy together, I don’t like to be alone but I stay away , I’ve made other friends but still at home , I feel alone.. and those other friends are common she is trying to separate me from them…or maybe I feel it…but she is not good girl..she is breaking trust of her family too.. She is almost in a live-in relation with a guy! anyway,
Is their a possibility that all this crap or rubbish will increase and may effect my mind peace in the long run? I’m bound to stay with them till april 2018. OR I will get mind peace? I agree this seperate room has given me peace but still I feel bad being ignored by them 🙁