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hello Anand
Sun the 2nd lord is in labha house , taurous sign of music, along with karak of finance Jupiter.saturn aspects lagna and rahu …so popularity due to music.
Venus is own house hence attraction to music is natural, mercury with mars in 12 …gives religious singing..moon in 4 again venus strongly feel that majory planets dominated by venus and hence fine arts..
Now career as chartered accountant, degree wise moon and mercury are quite close so may be he can try for career in finance. But merury is with mars an enemy …but mercury in Jupiter star…
9th house meena raasi is quite strong…current dasa Jupiter moon they are in 6/8 position, delays and some diiculties and is he getting enough earnings from kacheris..? mars is giving very low ishta kashta 2018 2019 might be diffult.. period..of rahu will give him fame in 2019 – 2021 as rahu is closed to venus than Jupiter I feel career in music will be fine rather career ..Beccuas CA needs full time attention for success it cannot give success with part time devotion to chartered accountancy course