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K.Umamaheswara Rao
K.Umamaheswara rao

When Ravi(tenth house owner)is in second house,it is good for
Further there is Parivartan yoga between second and eleventh houses.
That means second house owner is in eleventh house.
Eleventh house owner is in second house.
This is good for Dhana yoga.
I understand that your finances are good.

The negative point is Sani is looking lagna.

You read my article in google-kumrao99 penance method.

You have to do penance for one year to reduce adverse
planetary effect.

1.You do fasting one day in a week.On that day,
you can eat uncooked vegetables.
2.Daily do ten Anga pradakshinams.
It means lie down on floor and roll out towards
If you did not understand ,go to a temple and ask
him what anga pradakshinam is.
3.Daily two headbaths with cold water.
But during winter,if your town is in a very
cold climate,sprinkle a few drops of cold water on