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Reply To: career destroyed



Dear Both Sirs
Thanks for replying.
I will die in India. there is too much corruption, exploitation and harrasement here, I will not survive even in MNC.
One employer make me work till two pm in night in remote outskirts of city and travel in unsafe condition. Even female boss allows all this.
The lobby of IIM, Bajaj, Sp Jain, XLRI and other Indian MBA is so strong, they donot allow foreign MBAs to survive.
Too much politics and immoral activity like female bosses going to any extent to win favor from male bosses and management. They take undue advantage of the women liberation and diversity agenda now a days.
they make you work like donkey day an night and also do unethical things even in MNCs. HR is hand in glove with management. They are sleeping partners in crime.
Last three years I have been mentally tortured by various employers.There is no labor law or legal action possible against them due to our legal systems. I cannot take that stress. I breakdown in office when these female bosses harrased me. I am soft and sensitive person and after a point when I speak up, I get in trouble. I cannot control that strong emotion and everything starts going wrong.

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