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Reply To: career destroyed



I have read somewhere that your problems go away only when you have learnt the karmic lessons. I am confused on which Karmic lesson to learn.
So far from my experience, I think I need to become super cool confident, shrewd, political, tactful, and corrupt person unfazed by any of these to succeed in life. Like they say in Hindi Chikna Chamcha and Meethi Churi or Muh mein raam and bagal mein churi.
I have tried forgiving people, being courageous, being strong, standing up for myself and others, helping others in trouble but nothing works.

A friend once told me that “har rakshash ki jaan ek tote mein hoti hai, tu un rakshasho ke tote pakad then they will stop harassing you”

I pray to GOD and the Universe to bless me with all the strength, wits, power and tact required to win over these corrupt people and systems with elan !

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