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Reply To: False Court Case by Wife

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I completely agree with you. But Saturn transit to Sagittarius being friendly rashi better than scorpio should have given me some relief at least. The tragedy that both session and HC gave me interim stay order but eventually dismissed it on the day of hearing. At least 10 times we sat negotiation with opp party but at the last moment other side backed out because she wants money and demand is on very higher side which I can’t afford to do so. Both the courts have not gone into merit of the case or else situation would have taken a different turn altogether. I am advised that this defeat in HC, I have cleared the malefic effects of past karma and now I can think of looing ahead. I can’t relate that into my court case. My wife is a very hot tempered and also I am trying and trying to bring certain things to the notice of the court which none of the courts have given me opportunity. All the orders were ex parte and passed with much haste manner without appreciating facts and behind back of my knowledge. Ketu MD nobody knows fate, Venus is Yogakarka, Saturn being ascendant lord, I hope would have given me relief. Wife just passed Shani Dahiya and now being Rahu MD and Venus AD, I think she has powerful chart than me. But the issue is other side is only after money nothing else.

Kindly advise.

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