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The key role in revealing one’s Ishta Devata plays the Atma
Karaka. Atma Karaka is the planet that has the highest
longitude. To find one’s Ishta Devata we have to look at the
Atma Karaka in Navamsa, since the Navamsa shows
blessings of God onto the native and the way in which the
native communicates with God. Navamsa is also known as
the dharma-amsa, since it is the 9th division (ninth house
signifies dharma). Therefore we should look for Ishta
Devata in this Varga.
Atma Karaka in Navamsa is called the karakamsa. The
twelfth house from Lagna shows that what releases one
from the bonds of this world. The twelfth house from the
karakamsa is called the jivanmuktamsa. This is the house
signifying the emancipation of the soul and we have to
examine this house in order to find one’s Ishta Devata. If
there is a graha in the jivanmuktamsa, it signifies the
Devata. If there are more grahas than one, we choose the
strongest. If there is no graha in the jivanmuktamsa, we take
its Lord.

And it really takes time to find your Ishtadeva, minimum of 15 minutes if you have a computer and related software. You will have to come through premium services if you really want to know the correct Ishtadev.
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