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Navneet Khanna

The procedure before wearing a Rudraksha is very simple and it is important to energize Rudraksha before you wear it. This procedure you can do on your own. Wear the rudraksha preferably on a Monday and Monday is the day of Lord Shiva Himself. It is best to wear the Rudraksha in the morning time after having a bath and wearing new and clean clothes.

Make a Panchamrit which is a mixture of unboilded milk, honey, curd, sugar and desi ghee.

Place the Rudraksha in a clean plate. Wash the rudraksha with Panchamrit and later with Ganga jal if available or fresh water. Keep recite Mantra :Om Namaha Shivaye” till you are doing this work.

Touch the Rudraksha to the bottom of the picture of Lord Shiva. Recite “Om Namaha Shivaye” 108 times once again. Keep the reason of wearing the ring in your mind.


Navneet Khanna