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Dasha/Antardasa/….. are calculated based on the time of birth details and this never changes due to transitory influences. Yes you can have the first look at it and you can only look at that when a child is born.

Transitory influences are only useful for strength of houses analysis and not of periods and sub periods. Planets are constantly in movement and thus transitory influences change every second. So they are useful only for comparison of strength of individual houses vis-a-vis the natal strength of houses. There are no dasa or antardasas associated with transitory influences. So in short dasas/antardasas are fixed in nature based on the time of birth and the influence of the strength of the individual planets while transitory influence of houses are useful for a small period of time ahead in an either positive or negative basis.

So while periods and sub periods give you divisions of our times and their respective nature and strength, transitory influence is the immediate evaluation of the potency of the houses. There will be occasions that your Antardasa is bad and you can then definitely check whether a particular house has an increased potency based on transitory influence and if so you could take suitable decisions applicable to a very short time ahead.

As an analogy, you are travelling in train starting from a particular place to a destination far away and you know before hand the arrival time at the destination and you are sure to arrive at the destination. But while travelling, good landscape, the weather inside the train, availability of tasty foods, toilet facilities, good co passengers etc. are not known to you beforehand and these will have to be evaluated as you go along which also adds to the overall performance of the journey if you want to call it as an enjoyable journey. You can treat transits similar to this while dasa antardasa gives the stretches covered during the course of the journey as a physical measure which you are sure of if you look at the time table of the train. You can only take very little bit of useful information from the time table to add to your enjoyment of travel. So to conclude the Dasa/Antardasas are to be studied together with the transitory effect if you want to know the overall status of your time with respect to a particular house or houses.

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