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K.Umamaheswara Rao
K.Umamaheswara rao

In the horoscope given by,Sri Modi’s lagna is vrischika.
You need not go to Aarudha method of evaluation.
Moon(Neecha) and Kuja are in lagna.Kuja in own house(lagna) gave him courage and
dynamism.Seeing residential strength is one method of evaluation.
It is not all.
Three planets are in kendras-Guru in fourth house and Sukra(plus Sani) in 10th house.There is good Gajakesari yoga.Further Sukra and Guru aspecting each other
(being both placed in kendras) is a special yoga.
Sani in 10th house is also good,except some disurbances in his popularity and
Parasari principles will stand by your side in dealing with a horoscope.
You are confusing that residential strength is only the criterion in
judging a horoscope.Parasara gives utmost importance to kendras,for a person
becoming popular .
Sukra ,though a malefic by ownership,plays a critical role in lifting a person
politically.In his horoscope ,Guru is seeing tenth house.Guru plays divine role
in saving him from crisis situations.
Bad points-Moon in lagna made him to take birth in poor conditions.
Kuja and Sani are seeing seventh house.Those two planets compelled him to
leave his wife,immediately after marriage.
When Guru sees Sukra or seventh house or seventh house owner,the
native will use his physical energies for the upliftment of soul through
yoga and fasting methods.

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