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Reply To: Civil service


I care little about your comments about me. I speak the truth and I know very well how to evaluate a horoscope scientifically which I had learned after extensive research for the last five decades. And here we have only promised to answer one question free that too simple questions based on your charts. You guys ask for free questions which encompass your whole life and you expect free answers which is showing disrespect to this science of Astrology. I do not mind if Navneet ji can answer you question free of charges, but not me who takes more than 3 to 4 hours to evaluate horoscope scientifically and produce the mark sheet of one’s life. Yes most people who raises question have too much negativity and they can never see the positive contained in astrological answers. Types like you always look forward to positive answers despite you having too much negativity in your charts. Please note that I do not need your blessings and sweet words for giving me job satisfaction. I know what I am doing. I will stop answering astrological questions on this site the day you pass out the AIS examinations if you ever can. It is a challenge.