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Navneet Khanna

Jupiter is the lord of 12th house and 3rd house in your natal chart, 12th house is for expenses and even foreign land. 3rd house is the house of initiatives, courage and friends. 3rd and 12th lord gets debilitated in the 1st house, means that the person does lot of expenses, is basically of spendthrift nature. There is a strong desire to go overseas and visit foreign land and places. The person workd but fails to get recognition. These all because of Neech or debilitated Jupiter.

Jupiter is one planet which has the power to bring lots of good results that a person wants in his /her life. When Saturn aspects debilitated Jupiter it cancels the debilitation. Saturn is the planet of determination, hard work, sincerity, will power. Therefore by invoking the powers of Saturn we can cancel Jupiters debilitation.


Navneet Khanna

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