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K.Umamaheswara Rao
K.Umamaheswara rao

Transplant is a high complicated surgery.
Astrologers cant answer such questions,as there is high
risk involved in it.
Sometimes serious disabilities will happen even though
he escapes death.
You are asking whether you will live after transplant.
Even a person lives after transplant,such disabilities
will follow.
I told that your horoscope is having many bad points.
It is highly risky.
People get such big diseases,when their horoscopes are
You have to follow holistic healing method for 6 or 12 months or
even beyond.No one can guarantee complete cure.
After transplants ,a patient is given strong doses
of medicines for one year after surgery.
YOu read book –Heal yourself 101–by Markus rothkranz.

Any natural method takes one or two years.YOu can try
for 3 months,then you can continue if it improves you
to some extent.
I am giving another method which consists of eating bitter leaves.

Bitter leaf eating treatment for many diseases.

The patient should eat two leaves which are bitter.
The patient can go to a park and taste one leaf of each tree there and
find out which are very bitter.
Then the patient should eat one leaf of one bitter tree and another
one leaf from the second tree ,whose leaves are bitter..He should eat
in the morning and on empty stomach.

After eating like that ,the patient can eat such leaves in the evening also.

Again after one week,the patient should eat 4 bitter leaves(one bitter leaf
from one tree and three other leaves from different trees)in morning and another
4 bitter leaves in the evening.
Bilva tree leaves are bitter.But the patient should not eat 4 leaves from the
Bilva trees only.Gua tree leaves are bitter.So ,he can eat another leaf from
Gua tree.Tulsi leaves are bitter in a way.
The patient can search bitter leaves from flower plants placed in small
bowls before apartments or in the entrance some houses.

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