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Navneet Khanna

As per your horoscope we see that Saturn the 10th house is in the 6th house with 12th lord Mars. Sun the karka for career and profession is conjoined with Rahu forming the Surya Gharan dosha. These two are basic reasons why you are facing enormous obstacles in your career. You are also running the period of Shani Sade satti which is the reason for your depression. Remedies for Saturn and Sun are needed for putting your life on path again. Your Questions are answered below.

Question: Which career path should I opt for?

A) Job in India (Digital Marketing)

Yes continue working in your line as it promises gains. Once the challenging period is over you will get your desired results.

B) Job abroad (Digital marketing)

You can try but seems to be difficult at this moment.

C) Freelancing (Digital marketing training & Projects)

Yes try to push for freelance projects, you can look at a full time job. Even updating your knowledge will be beneficial.

D) Some Business (Travel/Tourism related)

Not recommended in the period of Shani Sadesatti to make investments.


Navneet Khanna

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