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Reply To: Pisces women and Virgo man

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Navneet Khanna

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Please note that you told me that you are a Pisces women and the person you are dating is a Virgo Man. This is certainly not the best of relationships. Pisces is ruled by planet Jupiter which is a planet for kindness, generosity and spirituality. Even in your relationship you believe in these things. Being kind , generous to your partner. You look for a spiritual connection with your partner, you want a relationship where you can talk without speaking a single word. Your way of looking at relationship is about giving and taking but in the purest sense.

Virgo man on the other side are totally different, they are hasty, highly calculative in what they get from the relationship and what they dont. As Virgo is ruled by planet Mercury, the person is very calculative in everything he/she does. Your boyfriend will be no different. Not looking for long term and steady relationship, as they tend to get bored easily and change.

In long terms this is not a great relationship. Although there will be strong physical connection, but as the planets which rule are totally different by nature, there will not be a good bonding.


Navneet Khanna
Vedic Astrologer

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