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Reply To: retrograde and exalted planets

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K.Umamaheswara Rao
K.Umamaheswara rao

A retrograde planet which is exalted need not be considered as
neecha planet.
It is a complex situation.Astrologer cant take that
situation in a simplistic manner.
Ych ou have to see whether that planet is
1. a benefic to that lagna or malefic to that lagna.
If it is a malefic for that lagna,it will give some
unexpected results
1.Guru for Midhuna lagna is malefic.When it is in second
house and retrograde,it is also exalted.
Such planet will give some unexpected turns in
in financial journey.Sudden unwanted things happen.
Such changes will bring some good things also.
Such person will have beautiful eyes and voice.
Some bad turns will be there.
But it is ten times more beneficial than
a debilited Guru in 2nd house for Midhuna lagna.
So,it cant be said it is equal to neecha Guru.
2.For Tula lagna,Sukra in 6th house can be exalted
and retrograde.
Lagna lord in 6th house is bad.So,he will give
some bad results.
Even this cant be said as neecha sukra.
He will be attractive and dominates others
with his skills.
He is many times more powerful that neecha
Sukra there.
3.When Sukra is there in seventh house with
exaltation and retrogression,the person gets
lucky wife but some problems are there with her.

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