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K.Umamaheswara Rao
K.Umamaheswara rao

Give the longitude and latitude of Bihar (Uttar pradesh).
Is your town Bihar near Unnao tehsil
Is your pincode 229504
YOur village latitude is taken as 26.4 and longitude as 80
YOur lagna is Simha.
Good points
1.Lagna contains Sun and Sukra.
This gives you very strong body and romantic nature.
2. Other good points .Budh is own house in second house.
3.Sani is 3rd house exalted.
4.Guru in fourth house(kendra).
5.Rahu exalted in 10th house.
Bad points
1.Kuja in 12th house in neecha house.
2.Sani is seeing Kuja.
3.Kuja is seeing moon.
Your horoscope is very strong and you
got more good points.
By nature,you care a tuppence for others opinion.

You are financially strong,physically robust
and mentally determined.
As you are now running Rahu period( and Rahu
is very strong in 10th house),you will definitely
carry out your plans.
What will happen next ,we will see.
No one can stop the march of destiny.