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jvsrao (KP Astrologer)

your wife spelt No.5 which is showing strong urge for child. I cast the horary chart for No.5 today (04-05-2017 at hrs.19-18-11 in Guntur). In horary chart also the indications are coming as are in the natal/birth chart. Hence I conclude that there are chances for conception from June 2017.
As the significators are connected to barren sign Leo, I express my idea as feeble chance.
As per Krishnamurthy Paddhati the house of children (5th) sublord is Rahu connected with Moon(lord of 5th) in Leo( barren sign for children and Ketu is abortive planet). Rahu is in the star of Ketu which is in 11th house (Kumbha) (house for fulfilment of desires). Hence child birth is promised that is what we say.
The dasa is of Ketu(11th house – fulfilment of desires) and bhukti is of Jup(Karaka for children and also signifying 5th house).The Antara Ketu is from 31-05-2017. The present antara lord Merc is signifying Mars in 2(addition to family) and 8(act of sex) which is needed for conception. As Venus (lord of enjoyment) is in 12th house (bed comfort) aspected by putra karaka Jupiter it indicates that you enjoy pleasantly.
Considering all the above, I conclude that there would be child birth definitely in next year.

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