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I am giving below the strength of your son’s horoscope.

House Description Strength% Self Analysis
1 Personality, Individuality, Head 40.86
2 Wealth, assets, family, speech, Face 54.12
3 Co-borns, confidants, courage, Hands and Shoulders 38.17
4 Happiness, comforts, pleasures, Heart & Lungs 42.97
5 Children, intelligence, mind, Upper Abdomen 59.20
6 Debts, Diseases, Enemies, Lower Abdomen 48.41
7 Marital Happiness, Small Intestine, Liver 54.76
8 Longevity, Distresses, Colon, Kidneys, Genitals 58.64
9 Luck ,Fortune, Thighs 49.18
10 Career, Profession, Job Satisfaction, Knees 82.77
11 Gains, Returns from Career, Calf and ankles 64.71
12 Wasteful Expenditure, Losses, Feet 53.06

Net strength 55.12

Higher strength for positive significations makes it more potent
Higher strength for negative significations negate the negatives (Debts, Diseases, Enemies, Losses etc.)

Less than 35% – Failed, failure becoming more and more as it goes down
35 to 40 – Passed
41 to 45 – Above average
46 to 50 – Third Class
51 to 60 – Second Class
61 to 70 – First Class
71 to 80 – Distinction
81 to 90 – Excellent
Greater than 90 – Outstanding

His first and third houses are not potent enough though he has a reasonably good strength of 55.12%. His career house is very potent with 82% and a corresponding Gains house with a 64% strength.

To be frank with you, I do not find his calibre matching enough to be an IITian though he will be well placed in life. He lacks self confidence and is not courageous enough to boldly meet crisis in life.

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