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Reply To: Family life disturbed.

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Dear K.U.Rao, I saw your comments on the example of Modi and your comments about his greatness which you think is due to his fasting habits. To my mind, he has not lived a life which God has designed for a natural human being. Neither did he have any usual childhood with associated education, nor a youth period when he should have got married and be thus instrumental in having children to be part of the next generation. He became PM by accident as was many others who happened to be PMs due to the weakness of Indian democracy and not on their own merits. Even the actions Modi has taken as a PM were all causes of hardships to the public at large though his followers claim that it will bring good days in the future about which I am not so certain. Have a look at his horoscope evaluation on my blog and you will subscribe to my views based on his birth data (which could be incorrect also). Whatever said and done his greatness can never be associated to his fasting habits. If you could call it luck, he has become a PM only because of his luck and I can positively say that he is the best of all PMs being totally honest and he is definitely not corrupt nor he has any bad intentions. God definitely has some plans for him which I hope will be for the good of our country. If 30 years of fasting can make one a PM, we do not need such a PM at all in the future.

This is just a comment and I have no intention of discrediting your observation on fasting being good.