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Reply To: Family life disturbed.

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You could be right that fasting brings mental discipline. But will it bring any fortune or remove your miseries. I am not so sure of that. My point is if we are to fast, God would have provided us the body suitable to such practices. The very fact that people feel hungry is an automatic signal to indicate to you that it is time to eat something. Is it not? Python only eats once and for months together, it never eats anything. Would you call that fasting?

Why is it that when you feel thirsty, if we do not drink water what will happen? Not drinking water when we are thirsty is anti natural and could lead to death due to dehydration. In your fasting techniques, you recommend eating raw vegetables etc. If you were to fast, why permit eating at all? Eating less is always good since we are not overloading the stomach just because food is tasty. I am still not clear how fasting would help reduction of unhappiness and miseries in one’s life. If you have answer to my above questions, it would be helpful to all of us.

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