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Reply To: Intercaste love marriage

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Dear Prachi,

If the provided birth details are correct , then, the Guy is of Kanya(Virgo) Ascendant and You are of Gemini(Mithun) Ascandant .

Frankly Speaking You do have a connection of Love Marriage . But, As far as , Boy’s Chart is considered thats very good for his own career only . Rest all other factors are average or very average . However, Your Asthakut milan is good . But, Guy’s chart has powerful negative affliction and his chart may not permit him to get a Love Marriage . Love Relationship is there in both of Your Chart as 5th lord is strong . But, I have doubt with his chart for Love marriage .

In Your Horoscope , planets related to 2nd and 4th house and house themselves have issues . This 2 house governs family life . So, better You think of the relationship and then consider for marriage .

Guys chart has debilitated venus , it may make him flirtatious or may be fond of many women and addictions . However, it’s placed with Jupiter which may help him to reduce these bad qualities .

Remedies For You:
1. Wear an Yellow Sapphire for Jupiter on Left hand Index Finger .
2. Wear a Moon Stone for Moon on left hand little finger.
3. Obey Your Parents and Listen to them