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In Your Chart Lord of Progeny is weak and is placed in 8th house . More over 2nd place is also afflicted . So, all these hurdles are coming . Now , You are going Saturn Mahdasha which is also likely to create problems . Please consult with Doctors . Moreover, You people have Nadi Dosha . So, troubles are there. Please consult with a Doctor .

I can give You Hope and please follow these remedies . Or, You can ask other competent astrologers as I am unable to tell the perfect time .

Remedies to Perform :

1. Get a Shani Yagya Done on your name .
2. Get a Mahamrityanjay Yaggya Done on your name
3. Wear a Moonstone for Moon on little finger left hand
3. Wear an Yellow Sapphire on Index finger, left hand .
4. Get an Energized Santan Gopal Yantra and do regular puja path to it .
5. Keep a Bal Gopal and take care of it like Your own child .
6. Keep a Venus Yantra and do puja path Regularly. Offer White sweets every morning to birds and crows .

Your Hubby is of Sagittarius Ascendant .

1. He need to wear a Yellow Sapphire

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