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Reply To: JVS rao sir please help

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jvsrao (KP Astrologer)
J V S Rao

dear raman,
it seems you are so inclined to do law and practice as a lawyer. God has given you the chance to complete law and practice. It should be in Moon dasa only which starts from 04-06-2020.
This period Sun dasa and Saturn bhukti which is upto 23-03-2018, circumstances force you to change the job or go on leave or go for education. But you can not leave the job. Saturn is lord of 8th (house of disappointments, sudden events) is in the 5th (house of negating to regular attendance 6th). But 8th cusp sublord Rahu is connected to 11th and 12th house. That is the reason you could not get job satisfaction. In any worst situation you think, you will come out, because of Rahu.
You go for study of law and practice in Moon period for 10 years. you continue in job as well as practice. You will see your retirement.
SUN-Mercury period starts from 23-03-2018. In that period you get the job connected to Govt dept.
I hope your doubts are cleared. Good Luck.

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