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jvsrao (KP Astrologer)

your life partner would be very intelligent and a very nice person. He is very discplined. He comes from your local area or from a short distance.
As your lagna sublord and 7th house sublord is venus in 4th in the star of Jupiter in the 4th. Hence if you show interest in anybody the person will not come forward to accept your proposal. So love marriage is not there.
SUN dasa MERC bhukti starts from 12-09-2017 and ends on 19-07-2018. Hence I expected your marriage in this period.
11th (house for fulfilment of desires,success in all undertakings) sublord Rahu is in the star of Mercury (lord of 11th in 5th) and sub of Sat in 7th (legal bondage). Hence if you do recite mantra for Rahu 108 times daily. OM RAAN RAHAVE NAMAH. this is my opinion as per KP astrology.
or take the advices of our elders and senior astrologers and do accordingly.
Good luck.