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Reply To: Sirs, Please help

jvsrao (KP Astrologer)
J V S Rao

dear vikas,
you will get a job in this Sat sub period which is upto 08-10-2017.
As per KP astrology, Sat is in the star of Ketu which is in 9th house (detrimental to 10th(house of job)) and in the sub of Rahu which is in 3rd house and finally Rahu in Moon star which is applying to 6th house (house of day-to-day attendance).
But in the sub sub period of Mercury, Venus, Mars you may get a job within their periods. Even if it is not there, you will get a job in Mercuty Antara which is from 08-10-2017.
Pls don’t be confused with above KP analysis. Best of luck.
–JVS Rao.

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