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Reply To: Divorcee and marriage

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K.Umamaheswara Rao
K.Umamaheswara rao

Your lagna is Vrishabha.
Seventh house to be studied for marriage.
Your seventh house contains Guru.
Guru is generally very good planet.
But for Vrishabha lagna people,Guru is not
Guru created problems in your marriage.
Again it will cause problems.

ONe very good thing in your horoscope is
exaltation of Sukra.Sukra is uchcha.
Now you are running Rahu-Ravi period .
I think you will get married in one year.

Better you do penance for 6months,to reduce
the effect of Guru.
1.You can do fasting for one day in a week,for 6months
or one year.ON the day of fasting,you can eat uncooked
vegetables.This ,you have to do for 2months.
After 2 months,you can drink diluted lemon juice with
honey,on the day of fasting.On that day,you can drink
diluted lemon juice 10 or 12 times.
2.In this type of penance,you have to avoid milk products,
sweets,sweet fruits and nonveg for 6months.You can eat routine
meals and tiffins.In addition to those things,you have to
eat everyday 150 gms of uncooked vegetables.
Read the book -Heal yourself 101-Markus Rothkranz.
Get the book from Flipkart.
3.IN summer,you have to take daily 4 cold water baths.
Water contains divinity.
4.Daily you have to do 10 anga pradakshinams in your
house.If you dont know the meaning,you ask a senior
priest in any temple.
5.Feed animals and birds.

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