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Reply To: Sirs, Please help

jvsrao (KP Astrologer)

dear pulkit,
your lagna sublord is Rahu in 3rd (coomunications) house Meena rasi. Its lord is Jupiter and Rahu signifies Jupiter(lord of 1,12 and 3 houses) in 2nd (house of speech). Rahu is aspected by 8th lord Sun in 11th house conjoined with Sat. Rahu is sublord of 1st (self),2nd(speech),3rd(communications) and 8th (disappointments, tensions etc). Hence Rahu gives you discipline and good speech. You will keep silent but if your interests are hurt you will burst out suddenly. After a short time you will become normal. 8 and 12 houses are bad.
You have to think and rectify your weaknesses. If you are interested pls read “AADITYA HRUYDAYAM” regularly. It will help you. This is KP analysis.
This forum gives free consultation for one question and others are through paid consultancy. I am not in paid consultancy. You may contact our senior people and get advices and possible remedies.
Good Luck

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