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jvsrao (KP Astrologer)

dear gentleman,
Your 10th and 4th cusp is Jupiter in the 3rd house aspected by Merc and Moon. Moon is the lord of 8th house and Merc is lord of 7th and 10th. Both are conjoined. Again Jup is aspected by Sat lord of 2nd house (Finances) from 12th (exertion, losses etc). You will gain name and fame. But as the 7th and 8th house lords are conjoined in 10th house, your clients will get their work done and will not give you money. Yor receive money in instalments as 2nd lord Saturn is in 12th house and aspecting your 2nd house. As the 7 & 8 lords Merc and Moon are closesly conjoined, you will lose in business as there would be no monetary gains.
Staff problem would be there, as 10th house from 6th (house of servants) is connected to detrimental houses.
Hence it is advised to go for a job.
Now you are running Jupiter dasa and Rahu bhukti upto 15-08-2019. Now Jupiter is transiting in Moon(8th house lord)star and enter into Mars star from 4th August 2017. Bhukti lord Rahu is transiting in 10th significator Ketu star. There would be change for you after 25-11-2017.
Good luck.

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