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jvsrao (KP Astrologer)
J V S Rao

In KP astrology, bhavas are calculated in Placidus system which differs in Traditional way of calculations. In your chart I (lagna) and II bhavas fell in Gemini, III in Cancer, IV in Leo, V in Virgo, VI in Scorpio and VII & VIII bhavas in Sagittarius, IX in Capricorn, X in Aquarius, XI in Piesces and XII in Taurus. Libra and Aries are vacant.
A constellation in a sign is powerful than the sign. A planet in a constellation is more powerful than the lord of the constellation, as occupant is stronger than the owner.
Saturn is lord of IX and X bhavas. Jupiter is lord of VIII bhava.Node Rahu is in Piesces. Hence Rahu is powerful in giving results of Jupiter and VIII bhava results. Saturn gives his constellation lord Mercury results. As Merc is in lagna you will gain through your self effort in Sat periods.
This is in KP analysis.
The traditional astrologers treat Mercury lord of 1 and 4, Moon for 2, sun for 3, Venus for 5 and 12, Mars for 6 and 11, Jupiter for 7 and 10, Saturn for 8 & 9.
In Navamsa they will assign one rasi to one pada. In Kp the navamsa or sub (we call) are assigned in Vimshottari divisions. Other things are same as given by sage Parasara.

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