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jvsrao (KP Astrologer)
J V S Rao

Saturn dasa and Venus bhukti is upto 12-02-2018. This is not good. It will disturb your perosnal family way also. After 06-12-2017 your problems will slowly be diluted and from 12-02-2018 in Sun Bhukti your position will be good.
In this chart, ray of hope is Saturn and Mercury are connected to 3rd and 11th cusp. 3rd house is for longevity, younger brothers, neighbours etc. 11th house is for fulfilment of desires.
In all the planets Sun is favourable to him. You all read “AADITYA HRUDAYAM” daily as many times as you can. It will make him to regain authority, reputation, success in all spheres of life.
Good Luck

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