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jvsrao (KP Astrologer)
J V S Rao

I have cast your horoscope correctly for your place Brampton. In KP astrology, house division is done as per Placidus system whereas in traditional astrology the houses are in equal house division. In traditional system, they allot one sign to each pada in a Nakshatra. Here the Nakshatra is divided according to Vimshottari (Ketu 7years Venus 20 years etc). The reading of horoscope in both ways is as per sage Parashara.
In your case Mars is in deg 28-17′-23″ as lagna cusp is deg 23-39′ in Scorpio. Mercury is in deg 21-30′ and XII cusp fell in deg 5-2′-8″ and hence Mercury is in XII bhava. Venus is in scorpio only at deg 3-45′-10″ before the XII cusp deg 5-2′-8″. Even though they are in the same rasi scorpio but bhavas are different. Pls notice Mars in lagna bhava, Mercury is in XII bhava and venus in XI bhava. Planets give their results only as per the bhava they occupy as per nature of Rasis.
The traditional astrologers will take the three planets in the same sign and offer the results as if the planets are in Lagna. There would be failure. It is not their fault. The system of division is the cause for failure.
You asked about your marriage and position of Ketu in Navamsa lagna. Navamsa is used to know the strength of a planet to give a result. Here the sublords of respective cusps have to be read. That is why, i have mentioned my analysis is as per KP.
If you have interest, download the software in and verify your chart.
As I do not like the denial of marriage or divorce etc to the upcoming young people like you who have very good life to enjoy, I analysed your chart and clarified your doubt. Pls don’t get confusion. These details are given for your knowledge and take astrology as a guidance as I have seen some retired people spoiled their money and life for the sake of their children depending on some astrologers. That’s why I have advised you. Pls Don’t depend on it.
May Gpd bless you dear child.

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