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jvsrao (KP Astrologer)
J V S Rao

dear vinayak,
Generally before issuing predictions we check up whether there is any affliction to the 7th house. If the sublord of 7th cusp is deposited in a dual sign or the sublord tenanted star lord in a dual sign or Mercury and the planet is connected to either 2nd or 7th or 11th houses, then second marriage is promised.
In your case:
7th sublord is Mercury in a fixed sign Leo. It is retrograde.
Merc is in the star of Ketu in a dual sign Gemini (9th bhava) and in the sub of lord of 6th Jup in a fixed sign Leo.
That Jup is in the star of Ketu in Gemini a dual sign (9th bhava) and sub of Ketu and that ketu in star of Jup who is in 10th.
6th bhava sublord is Rahu is in the star of Venus (kalatra karaka) in 10th which not detrimental to marriage linked houses.
12t bhava sublord is Jup is connected to 10th.
As the conditions are not fulfilled two marriages are not indicated.
Again 5th lord Saturn is throwing an evil aspect on Mercury pbstructing him.
7th lord Mars is aspecting your 6th cusp from 11th cusp. It is a good feature.
But there would be either an alliance almost in a fixed stage may be dropped or there would be differences in your family way.
Her money is not required for a happy married life. Both of you should share your feelings to lead a happy life. For a happy life good natured wife is more worth than her richness to give you mental peace. without mental peace what is the use of millions and trillions. Pls think.
Good Luck.