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jvsrao (KP Astrologer)

Your 7th cusp sublord is Venus. Venus is in 5th. But Venus is in the star of Rahu in 7th and sub of Moon in 10th (negating to fulfilment of desires) and Moon in the star of Mercury in 6th (negating to legal bondage). Sat in 8th aspecting Moon which is in 10th. Hence there would be delay and disappointments.
As you discussed Jupiter is lord of 7th. But Node Rahu is more powerful than Jupiter for two reasons. one is occupant, another is Node is powerful than the lord.
Hence Jupiter fails to give the desired result.
There won’t be love marriage. As your 5th cusp sublord Jupiter is not connected to 11th.
Your marriage would be in Saturn bhukti Sun antara i.e 22-02-2019 tp 21-04-2019 or Mars antara 27-07-2019 to 02-10-2019.
Good Luck.